home care club in columbus ohioJoin the Total Home Care Club through Service Olympians and make sure that all of the regular maintenance around your home gets taken care of regularly and on time! Just like you go to the doctor for checkups and take your car in for maintenance, you should take care of all the mechanical systems around your home regularly. This keeps everything in good operating order and helps find problems before they become major issues.

Think about it this way: one leaking toilet or faucet can waste over 50,000 gallons of water each year. That’s quite a bit of money just dripping down the drain. Invest in the Total Home Care Club instead, and you’ll probably come out on top. We look for just these sorts of leaks and problems.

We’ll take care of your HVAC system, too. Just having your furnace checked on can prevent over 70% of repairs and improve its efficiency by up to 16%. Similarly, staying on top of maintenance with your air conditioner can reduce A/C breakdowns by as much as 95%. It can also cut your energy costs by as much as 25% during those hot summer months!

You can also add up to 5 years to the life of your water heater, just by maintaining it properly!

Sure, investing in maintenance is just that…an investment. It costs a little. But when you end up saving money all year long on energy, water, and repairs that you avoid, your investment pays off big time.

The check ups included with the program usually occur in March or April for your plumbing and cooling systems and in September or October for your water heaters and your furnace. Contact us today to join the program and schedule your first maintenance visit.


Home Care Club Membership Levels




Discount Off New Complete System 5% 10% 15%
Priority Scheduling
Discount On Repairs 5% 10% 15%
2 FREE Tuneups (per year)
$3,587 in Money-Saving Coupons
No Diagnostic Charge (during work hours)
Reduced After Hours & Holiday Charge
Media Filter
Water Heater Flush
Whole Home Plumbing Inspection
No Repair Charge (on new system only and in good standing)
FREE Consultations